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TOP 10 Thai Recipes, Easy and Delicious

Cinzia Cuneo February 20, 2024 , ,

Thai cuisine is unique, distinctly different from those of neighboring countries, but with many foreign influences. It stands out with original flavors and ingredients. We have prepared for you a selection of our best Thai recipes, all very tasty and fragrant. (more…)

nouilles asiatiques

Asian Noodles: A Short Guide

Cinzia Cuneo February 14, 2024 , ,

The world of Asian noodles is as vast and varied as that of Italian pasta, and one can get a little lost trying to figure out which noodles to use for certain recipes. Soba, ramen, udon, rice vermicelli, etc: which ones to choose according to your needs? I’m going to give you a short tour of the most well-known types of Asian noodles. (more…)

Dietary Supplements for Type 2 Diabetes

Kathryn Adel February 5, 2024

Several dietary supplements are popular with people with type 2 diabetes, but are they really effective? Here’s what recent scientific studies found. (more…)

Course à pied - Jogging

Debunking the Race Weight Myth in Sports

Kathryn Adel January 4, 2024 ,

Many endurance athletes think that they need to lose weight and reach a target race weight to be as fast as possible, for example to run a marathon. But it’s not that simple!

Two people with the same weight can look and perform very differently depending on their body composition, i.e. muscle mass, fat mass, and water weight. Having optimal muscle mass and being well hydrated will add weight to the scale, but it will also help optimise athletic performance.

TOP 10 Gluten-free Cakes for All Occasions

Cinzia Cuneo December 17, 2023 , , ,

Do you ever have to prepare gluten-free cakes for celiac or gluten-intolerant guests? No stress, here you will find 10 gluten-free cake recipes that will delight everyone, gluten-intolerant or not. (more…)

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