Say Bye to Abdominal Pain with the Low FODMAP Diet

The real solution for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

How can a low-FODMAP diet help me find relief?

FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are partially digested and absorbed in the gut. This causes cramps and bloating in people suffering from IBS. The Low FODMAP diet consists of a short elimination phase of these carbohydrates, followed by a reintroduction phase to identify which FODMAPs are causing the problem, and a long-term maintenance phase when only problematic foods are eliminated. Our diet with its delicious FODMAP recipes will guide you step by step along the way towards better digestion.



Goodbye cramps, gas, and bloating

Intestinal Tract:

No more diarrhea and constipation

Nutritional needs:

Even if multiple foods are eliminated

"Research shows that a Low FODMAP diet works in 75% of cases to considerably diminish symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome."

Chey, W. D., Kurlander, J., & Eswaran, S. (2015). Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A Clinical Review. Journal of the American Medical Association, 313(9), 949.

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Our Low FODMAP diet is effective and simple to integrate into your daily routine. We give you the information, tools, and support necessary to solve your digestive problems.

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  • Varied and balanced weekly meal plans
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    • based on the Mediterranean diet and taking advantage of fresh seasonal produce
  • for elimination, reintroduction, and maintenance phases
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  • An Action Plan to minimise time spent in the kitchen
  • Over 500 recipes: Fast, satisfying, and delicious

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Our VIP plan consists of 100% personalised nutritional assistance to put our Low-FODMAP Meal Plans into practice at your own pace:

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Our Book provides the foundation for understanding the Low FODMAP diet and implementing it properly:

  • The science behind the method explained simply and thoroughly
  • 3 weeks of complete meal plans for the elimination phase
  • 100 Low FODMAP recipes: Fast, easy, and delicious
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My symptoms started to go away in the 1st week

The menus work great for me. They’re easy to follow because I have my grocery list and fast, simple recipes. The whole family loves it. My cramps started to go away in the first week. If I don’t cheat, I feel great! Thanks for starting this!

- Andréanne L., Toronto, Canada

Low-FODMAP Meal Plans

SOSCuisine is recommended by:

Médecins francophones du Canada
Canadian Celiac Association
Dr. Louis Gagnon, Coprésident et fondateur de Capsana

SOSCuisine is an exceptional tool for those who want to eat healthy. With a variety of meal plans adapted for several health conditions, SOSCuisine empowers anyone to plan balanced and healthy meals that take into account their individual constraints, thereby increasing chances of their maintaining a good health."

Dr. Louis Gagnon
Co-President and Founder, Capsana

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the diet

  • The low FODMAP diet is an effective approach to reduce digestive symptoms and improve the quality of life for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Since this is a restrictive diet, you need to be well informed before starting it.

  • ► What does FODMAP mean?

    The FODMAP acronym stands for:

    F = Fermentable;
    O = Oligosaccharides;
    D = Disaccharides;
    M = Monosaccharides;
    A = And;
    P = Polyols

    These are carbohydrates that ferment in the gut

  • ► Who invented the Low FODMAP diet?

    The diet was developed by two Australian researchers, Peter Gibson, Gastroenterologist, and Sue Shepherd, Registered Dietitian, from Monash University in Melbourne. Their first publication was in 2005. Since then, scientific data on the effectiveness of the diet has accumulated, leading to more and more gastroenterologists and dietitians around the world prescribing it successfully.

    In March 2015, researchers from the University of Michigan published the results of their analysis of 139 studies on IBS in the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluding that there was enough evidence to confirm that a Low FODMAP diet is effective in diminishing symptoms considerably in 75% of cases:
    Chey, W. D., Kurlander, J., & Eswaran, S. (2015). Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A Clinical Review. Journal of the American Medical Association, 313(9), 949.

  • In people suffering from IBS, certain FODMAPs are only partially digested and absorbed. This leads to distension of the intestine and the production of gas, which creates pain, cramps, and flatulence. To ease these symptoms, it’s recommended to limit the intake of fermentable carbohydrates, i.e. FODMAPs.

  • ► Is the Low FODMAP diet appropriate for me?

    It all depends on your health condition! The FODMAP diet is ideal for you if you meet the following criteria:

    • You have one or more of the following symptoms: intestinal gas, bloating, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and/or constipation
    • You have not been able to solve these symptoms with simple changes to your lifestyle (eat more fiber, drink more fluids, exercise, manage stress, sleep more, etc.)
    • You consulted your doctor and he/she diagnosed IBS after excluding all other possible causes for your symptoms
    • Your doctor or dietitian recommended the Low FODMAP diet to get rid of your IBS-related symptoms


  • ► What foods should I avoid?

    See a list of the main High-FODMAP foods.

    Remember that several other foods do contain medium amounts of FODMAPs and should be limited to avoid problems. This is exactly what our Low FODMAP meal plans do for you.

  • ► What foods can I eat ?
  • ► What’s the difference between a ‘Low FODMAP’ diet and ‘gluten-free’ diet?

    A gluten-free diet is indicated for people who suffer from Celiac Disease. They have to eliminate gluten from their diet. Gluten is a protein in many grains and it’s why these people have to avoid wheat, rye, barley, etc. On the Low FODMAP diet, wheat, barley, and rye also have to be eliminated, but due to their fructan (a type of carbohydrate) content, not gluten. Furthermore, the Low FODMAP diet also limits the consumption of other types of carbohydrates (lactose, polyols, etc.) that are not limited in the gluten-free diet.

  • ► Is it advisable to follow the Low FODMAP diet over the long term?

    Our low FODMAP meal plans are based on the Mediterranean diet, known to help reduce the risk of several cancers, prevent diabetes, prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of dementia. However, it is not recommended to follow a low FODMAP diet over the long term so as not to deplete the microbiota. In fact foods which contain FODMAPs also contain prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in our guts.


Questions about the FODMAP Diet at SOSCuisine

  • Following a Low-FODMAP diet is not too easy, since FODMAP rich foods must be completetly avoided while foods with average FODMAP content must be limited. Having low-FODMAP meal plans make following this diet a complete no-brainer.

  • ► What is the difference between your program and the information that I can find on the internet or in books about the Low FODMAP diet?

    Following this diet without help is a real challenge, because you have to eliminate all foods that are high-FODMAP and limit those that contain moderate quantities of FODMAP. With our program, not only do you have meal plans and recipes that fully meet the demanding criteria of this diet, but you also have simple tools to make this diet your own: our book, articles on the blog and a dietitian-led support group on FACEBOOK. In other words, you have at your disposal a truly reliable and effective source.

  • ► Do I have to buy specific foods to follow this program?

    Absolutely not! Our meal plans are made with common ingredients that you can easily find in supermarkets, all-natural or organic grocery stores, or at your local grocers and markets.

  • ► If I have questions, will your team be available to answer?

    Of course! We want you to reduce your symptoms and we’re here to help. As a subscriber to our Low FODMAP program, you’ll have access to our private forum moderated by our team. You can ask your questions and our dietitians will respond. If you need more complete support, we offer the VIP dietitian service which includes, among other things, 3 one-on-one consultations with a dietitian.

  • ► Are SOSCuisine Meal Plans reliable?

    Our Low-FODMAP Meal Plans comply fully with the recommendations of the experts in the field, the main ones being the following:

    1. Monash University, The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App
    2. Health Canada, Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – January 2019
    3. Health Canada, Dietary Reference Intake Tables
    4. USDA – USA, ChooseMyPlate
    5. National Health Service (NHS) – UK, The Eatwell Guide

    The nutritional data is from the Canadian Nutrient File, and completed by the French food composition table Ciqual (France), the USDA Food Composition Database (USA), and the Fineli base (Finland).

  • ► What is that DUX Award that you won in 2017?

    DUX is a Canadian program aimed at rewarding companies, organizations and institutions for their leadership and innovation in improving the health of the population. We won the 2017 Award in the Projects – Non-Food Business (SME) category for our initiative the “FODMAP Diet”! read this article .


You'll find a more complete FAQ section on our FODMAP Hub page

IMPORTANT: The information provided on this website does not replace a medical consultation and is not intended for self diagnosis. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking a change to your diet or lifestyle. See Terms & Conditions.

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