TOP 10: Canadian Products

June 29, 2016 ,

Happy birthday Canada! To celebrate, we’ve put together some of the country’s top products. These are things that you’re sure to find at just about any Canadian supermarket, and they’re products that Canadians truly love and hold dear. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 Canadian products.

#10 – Kraft Dinner

Kraft Dinner, or more popularly, KD, is one of the most Canadian snacks that exists. It’s your basic macaroni and cheese, with bright orange cheese that’s probably not all that great for you, but it gets the job done. People are divided on what you’re allowed to mix into your KD. Purists say it’s perfect as is, but it’s popular to add ketchup or canned tuna and peas. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t have a box somewhere in their cupboard.

#9 – Bannock

Not to be confused with the Scottish variety, Canadian bannock is a type of fry-bread. Fry-bread is actually a very popular way of preparing dough throughout the Americas, with different areas having their own specialties and preferred grains. Ours would have been traditionally prepared with mais, though now it’s a much more Western mixture. It’s enjoyed all over Canada as a snack and often used in place of baked breads.

#8 – Cretons

Cretons is a meat based spread from Quebec that’s similar in texture to rillette. It’s flavoured with spices like cinnamon and ginger and is often served for breakfast. Traditionally made from pork, it’s no wonder Quebecois love to spread it on their toast! Yummy!

Try our vegetarian cretons >>

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