University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM)


About our Partnership

The University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM), through its Foundation, signed a three-year partnership with SOSCuisine, allowing 1,000 patients and 450 employees of the Cardiovascular Centre to benefit from the specialized meal planning service developed and operated by SOSCuisine.

We are honoured to have been chosen by the CHUM, proud to contribute to the effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and excited to have the opportunity to deepen our knowledge by working alongside such a talented team of specialists.

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Discover our Smart Meal Plans for a Healthy Heart

Discover our Smart Meal Plans for Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. George Honos

Research has shown that the use of predefined menus contributes greatly to the adoption of better eating habits in patients. Besides taking into consideration personal requirements and preferences, the SOS Cuisine “heart healthy” meal plans meet the latest nutritional recommendations of competent bodies. Healthy eating, in addition to exercise and abstinence from smoking, is one of the three keys to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. George Honos
Joint Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Centre
and Head of Cardiology, CHUM


About the CHUM

Promoting health is an important value for the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM) and is part of its mission.

In 2007, the CHUM created a department in charge of implementing initiatives to promote health (Direction de la qualité, de la promotion de la santé et de l’expérience patient).

Since then, the CHUM has been accredited as a Health Promoting Hospital by the World Health Organization. Plus, it participates in the activities of the Quebec Network of Health Promoting Institutions, the first regional network to have established beyond the borders of Europe.

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